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Our good addresses and possible activities in the Basque Country and at Uxondoa.

From this page you can access others that will give you information about possible activities on the spot and generally in the Basque Country, good restaurants, and touristic sites which you must not miss. In other words, all the information which we will be happy to complete when you come and stay with us.

Restaurants that we recommend :

If France is well-known for its culinary traditions, the South-West is certainly known for its gastronomic richness. We certainly will not pretend to know all of the best and finest restaurants in the Pays Basque, but here's the ones that we've discovered. This list is by no means exhaustive, new restaurants will be added or even some removed according to our experience. We'd love to have you share your culinary discoveries with us.

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Places to discover in the Basque Country :

Through its cultural traditions, its history, and the diversity of landscapes (sea and mountain) the Basque Country offers a great selection of places to visit which should keep you busy throughout your holiday with us. These attractions are close to our guesthouse and you'll reach them within a 30mn drive.

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Different activities to do right on the spot at Uxondoa :

At Uxondoa B&B, you can chose to go fishing, canoeing on the river, or go for a beautiful walk in our countryside . We don't have a swimming pool because our family prefers to swim in the ocean which is just 15mn away from the house. In summer the river water is over 19°C and we're always happy to have a splash in the clear chlorine-free water. This summer (2014) we hope to offer to our young guests the opportunity to ride our basque ponies which are called pottoks.

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Activities to do in the Basque Country :

The french Basque Country is certainly one of the richest regions in sports facilities and sporting activities. Here, you will be able to practice sailing, diving, surfing, free flight, golf, tennis, horseback riding etc... And don't forget the pelota, that originated in the Basque Country and is still played today. Pelota is similar to racquetball and is played with a ball (call a pelota) which is hit against a fronton (wall).

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