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Videos of our Bed and Breakfast guesthouse Uxondoa

Some films taken at our B&B Uxondoa and in the Basque Country

Presentation of our guesthouse, the bedrooms and our environment :

Please be indulgent, this video dates a bit back to 2006, and thus the quality is not what one could expect with a more recent one now. But in the meantime and until a new film is made, this video will give you a good idea of the places around us. Since this film was made, the rooms were given names, and decoration updated. The environment is similar, although trees and bushes are now 8 years older.
A new film is being edited and we hope to be able to show it to you this summer 2015.

Other videos

Our aquarium

This 3000l aquarium with a 3m facade is located in the breakfast room. It contains about 90 african chiclids which come from the Malawi lake. These are very colored fish, live in freshwater, and can live over 10 years. They are resistant to the usual illnesses of freshwater fish, reproduce easily and have a very interesting behavior. But there are inconveniences. Chiclids are naturally agressive, and the amateur aquarist has to choose correctly among the wide array of species so that they can be kept in a group environment. African cichlids will constantly dig and excavate gravel to rearrange it and build their nest. Aquatic plants won't fare well in this type of aquarium, as they will dig up them up and eat them.